How to register for events on

Whether you’re registering for a youth event for the first or fifteenth time, these instructions may be helpful to review before beginning the registration process. We are aware of some issues with the platform fully processing registrations, so before you click “submit,” please make sure you have filled in every required field. If you have any issues with the registration form that you cannot seem to resolve, please contact Deacon Julie Stecker directly.

This is the first thing you’ll see when you click on the link to register. Please enter the name of the person filling out the form. If you are filling out the form AND you are the primary leader who will be attending the event, please make sure you also register yourself as an adult leader. Filling in your name as the registrant does not complete your registration – it helps us know who completed the form in case we have any questions.

This is an example of the fields that must be completed for every participant (again, including the primary adult leader!). All of this information is available on the Individual Registration Form for each person, which the primary adult leader will need to bring to the event.

If you are serving as a member of the event staff, there will be additional fields to complete. Please keep reading to ensure we receive all of your information.

If you are registering more than one person, click the “+ Add Attendee” button after you’ve filled in all the information for the previous participant. That will add a new section of participant information, and you can select the correct registration type for each new participant. If you need to remove a participant after filling in all of their information, click “- Remove Attendee.”

Once you have entered all of the participants into the form, you may enter the information that applies to all registrants from your group, including your congregation name and location and the contact information for the primary adult leader. This person must be on-site during the event and will receive all communication regarding the event by email.

For event staff and LYO members attending without a congregational group: please enter your own information in the “primary adult leader” fields.

At the end of the form, you will see the total amount due for your group. If you are waiting for scholarship decisions or plan to pay by check, please move to the next screenshot. If you are paying by credit card, you can do so directly on the form and submit your registration and payment together.

If you are awaiting scholarship decisions or prefer to pay by check, enter the word “CHECK” in the promo code box and click “Apply Discount.” This will zero out your total and allow you to submit the registration without paying. If you plan to pay by check, please make sure to note your total before clicking “Apply Discount.” If you are awaiting scholarship decisions, you will receive an email from Deacon Julie with your adjusted total and instructions for how to pay by check or credit card.