High School Leadership Event

Slaying with God

June 16, 17, 18 2023

United Lutheran Seminary-Gettysburg Campus

61 Seminary Ridge

Gettysburg, PA 17325

A unique leadership retreat planned and led by the seniors of the Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO), on the seminary campus in Gettysburg for youth in grades 8-11. Registration closes June 8, 2023.

Merriam Webster defines the word "slay" as "the ability to do something or perform exceptionally well or impressively: to be exceptionally impressive." Over the course of the weekend we will discuss how we can live a life that is “slay.” How can we be our authentic and amazing selves? Additionally, how can we utilize God on our journey? We all are capable of slaying life by being courageous, passionate, and joyous. God has provided us with many tools to do this, we will explore what they are and how we can use them best.

Registration will be limited to 50 participants. Registration cost is $120.00 per youth participant (youth in grades 8-11 and LYO members). Scholarships are available by submitting a request at:  Youth Events Scholarships

Any questions about this event may be directed to Prs. Christine (pastorchristinep@gmail.com) and Mark Parker (lsmparker@gmail.com), LYO Coordinators, or Deacon Nicole Roop (nroop@youngfaithmatters.com), Event Registrar. 

Please note that adult youth/congregational leaders at not expected to participate in this retreat. We will have events team adult staff in attendance for practical and safety reasons.


Delaware-Maryland Synod, ATTN: Treasurer, 5699 Meridale Road, Baltimore, MD 21228.

If you have any difficulties with the registration form, contact Deacon Nicole Roop at nroop @ youngfaithmatters.com 

Please DO NOT bring checks with you to the event as these can be easily lost during the busy-ness of it!

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