For youth in grades 6th, 7th, & 8th. This is a small group centered event, where middle school youth will be grouped with other youth of the same age/grade.

In addition to the small groups, large group gatherings will introduce the theme progression through worship and music, games will help form this weekend’s community, and service projects will invite youth to apply what they’re learning to hands-on service. There are also workshops for adult participants.

Cost - $175 (Scholarships Available!)

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Who is...



the Holy Spirit



Who am I? Coming to know more about ourselves—uncovering and growing into the fullness of our evolving identity—continues throughout our lives.

But it’s not something we can ask, or begin to answer, on our own. Who we are is inextricably linked to who God is—the God who has created us, claimed us, and called us by name. The God who loves us in and through Jesus Christ. The God who gathers us into community through the Holy Spirit.

We’ll spend our weekend together in community exploring the identity of God, and the way in which God shapes who we are as individuals and as a community of disciples.


  1. Distribute the 2022-2023 Youth Event Individual Registration Form to all participants, and make sure all adult and youth participants, as well as parents/guardians of all minors attending, have reviewed our COVID precautions and expectations on the website. Your church’s primary leader will use these forms to complete the registration online. You’ll need to turn in the originals of these forms for each participant when you check in Friday, November 18th (if you need to retain them for your own records, please make copies). Remember to collect any scholarship applications also.

  2. Registration is due by Tuesday, November 1.

  3. Using the Individual Registration Forms, register your group online. (link provided in near future)

  4. If you received any scholarship applications, please enter them into the online form.

  5. Once you have completed entering the information online, you may pay in full with a credit card directly in the form.

  6. If you prefer to pay by check, or you are awaiting scholarship decisions, you may enter the promo code “CHECK” in the appropriate box and click “Apply Discount.” If you are awaiting scholarship decisions, you will be contacted directly with your adjusted total and information about how to submit your payment.

  7. If you are paying by check, make sure to note your total before clicking “Apply Discount.”